Take part in Brussels by us 

Hi there ! Here you can take part in the study. First have a look at the beacon map (don"t know what beacons are ? Discover them here) and then answer our online survey

On the map, you can observe where the beacons are located. If you download the mobile app and have a walk near them, you will receive a notification inviting to answer a few questions about the locations and future or current projects. You don't have a smartphone or you don't have the time to wander around ? No problem, you can answer our online survey

We recommend you first select the beacon you want to interact with by clicking on it on the map. There, a picture of the location will show up. You can also zoom in and out to understand better to what location the beacon refers to. Then, go to the online survey and select the beacon you want to answer to !

Have a look at the beacon map !

Online survey


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