Beacon 1 : Commute, discover and connect (SNCB - NMBS)

The Nord station – a station by all of us!
In between the professional district and housing, the Nord station is a central point in the district for many to meet and connect. In this interaction we brainstorm about different types of activities in the Nord station for professionals, youth and families, and inhabitants. We opt for activities during daytime, evening and also the weekends!

Beacon 2 : Commute, shop and take a break (SNCB)

With more than 60.000 travellers per day, it is the second biggest station in Belgium. Today, the main station hall is renewed and the final phase of the project is focusing on the renovation of the central hall towards the tracks. For this passage, we would like to ask your opinion about potential new services and shops. Perhaps the Nord station can offer much more than grabbing a coffee on the go?

Beacon 3 : The esplanade of after-work ? (SNCB)

The Nord station - and its new esplanade!
In the direction towards Rogier, you walk along an esplanade with current empty spaces. Soon, these spaces (with possible terrasses!) will be occupied by new shops and stores. Vote for the esplanade for all of us: it is for shopping or  after-work drinks?

Beacon 4 : From Place du Nord to Rue Brabant (Saint-Josse)

This beacon is located under the bridge that connects the North Square (where is located Esplanade of the North Station) with the Brabant Street.

Beacon 5 : Passage Rogier (Creative District)

This beacon is located near the “Passage Charles Rogier”. This passage is home to several vacant spaces that the organisation Creative District is activating by implementing shops and services relevant to the neighbourhood. We would like to have your input! 

Beacon 6 : Dear Charles ... (Saint-Josse)

This beacon is located on the Rogier Square. This Square was recently renovated and consist now of a big open area. We would like to hear your opinion about it!

Beacon 7 : One two three four (Quatuor)

Hello there ! You are located near the Quatuor project. From 2021, this space will accommodate four office buildings with a huge inner garden open to the public and a full range of services and facilities. In order to make the site as enjoyable as possible, we would like to have your opinion on potential accommodation on the ground floor.

Beacon 8 : ZIN (Befimmo)

The area around the North Station is currently a business district. Nevertheless, change is on its way. WTC 1 and 2 will be transformed by the end of 2023 into a multifunctional project called "ZIN", including housing, office space, a hotel and leisure areas. On top of the building there will be a rooftop terrace. This fusion of functions will create a building where there always will be life, seven days a week. We would like to know how you feel about this change in the neighbourhood. 

Beacon 9 : St Rochus School

The North District has several schools including the Sint-Rochus school. In addition to the business district, the North District is also a residential area for families. In this regard, both mobility and leisure time offerings must be adapted. We would like to know your opinion to make the North District even more child-friendly.


A beacon is a small Bluetooth radio transmitter. A Bluetooth equipped device, like your smartphone, can “detect” a beacon once it is in the range. When you approach the beacons, the Brussels by us mobile app will spot the beacon signal and will send you a notification to answer the questions about the specific location. 

The beacons of Brussels by us are small white branded boxes. It is possible that you do not always see the device at a specific location, because it is hidden or installed inside a building. 

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 Photo by Alex Vasey 

on Unsplash