A citizen platform to voice

your opinion about

the Brussels-Capital Region

 Are you a citizen, commuter or visitor of Brussels ? 

 Are you interested in making this city more innovative, open and green ? 

Download the mobile app !

You are invited to our launch event !


On Wednesday the 24/04/19, starting from 12am.

Pedestrian zone (Anspach Blvrd)

The Brussels by us citizen platform will be officially launched and presented to citizens and stakeholders of the project. Drinks and activities are on the program !

When ?

Where ?

What ?

Want to do more for

your neighbourhood ?

Come to one of our World Café Workshops !

You are invited to take part in

our World Café Workshop, yes, you !

Whether you are a resident, shop owner or passer-by,

we are interested in your experience with the neighbourhood :

we consider you as an expert ! 

The goal of these workshops is to make the citizen platform 

Brussels by us as relevant as possible for all citizens. 

Together, we will address several themes, specific to each zone.

 Dates of the World Café Workshops : 

 North zone : Mon 01/04/19 (9.30am - 12.30am) 

 Central zone : Tue 02/04/19 (9.30am - 12.30am) 

Want to participate ? 

Send an email to our Community Manager, Sven :


What is Brussels by us? 

Brussels by us is a citizen participation project enabling people to connect and collaborate on concrete solutions for the local neighbourhood. Through the mobile application, you receive specific questions about projects and initiatives that are in a conception phase, and for which you can share your opinion. In this way, you can become an actor of the change you want to see for Brussels !

What is a beacon? 

A beacon is a small Bluetooth radio transmitter. A Bluetooth equipped device, like your smartphone, can “detect” a beacon once it is in the range (approx. 100m). When you approach the beacons, the “Brussels by us” mobile app will spot the beacon signal and will send you a notification to answer the questions.

Were can I find the beacons? 

The beacons of Brussels by us are small white branded boxes. It is possible that you do not always see the device at a specific location, because it is hidden or installed inside a building (beacons are quite shy, don’t try to spot them !). You can find all the location of the beacons on the map on your Brussels by us map or here.

Are the beacons monitoring me? 

The beacons are not able to monitor you, as they are only able to send out a signal and not to receive one. The app is collecting your position when you answer a question. Keep in mind that all information is codified, and that your personal data (gmail, facebook, email) is not linked with your answers or your location.

I would like to have a beacon at my location: what is the procedure to follow ? 

Do you want to present your new project via Brussels by us ? For more information , please email at info@brusselsbyus.be

My smartphone is not picking up the signal and I am not receiving questions! Help? 

First, make sure that your geolocation settings and bluetooth settings are turned ON on your smartphone, and that you have access to the internet (via WiFi or mobile data). Users with iOS devices must make sure that their locations settings are set as ‘always on’. If you are still not receiving a notification, wait a bit longer, beacons are sometimes temperamental and need time to send your smartphone the information it needs !

What is happening with my personal data? 

Your personal data is strictly confidential and is only used for research purposes in the framework of the Brussels by us project. We need this type of data (residence area, age, gender, type of visitors of the zone) to know who is answering the question in order to have a better understanding of the answers. If you want more information on how your data is being used in, you can consult our Privacy Statement in the app.

What is happening with the results ? 

Once the collection of opinions in each zone is over, we will analyse the results and inform the relevant partners. The most popular opinion is taken into account in the reflexion regarding the developing phase of the projects and initiatives. This allows to implement projects that are even more significant for anyone!

I have a remark or a question, to whom can I send it? 

If you have any questions or remark, you can send us an email at info@brusselsbyus.be


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You are invited to our launch event !


On Wednesday the 15/05/19, starting from 12am.

On the Rogier Square 

Test, celebrate and change your neighborhood!

  • Info & Demo

  • Photo Mosaic

  • Activities for all ages

  • Cocktail and Speech by Bianca Debaets (Secretary of State for Digital Transition) & Pieter Ballon (Professor, Imec-SMIT-VUB)

When ?

Where ?

What ?



Brussels by us is a project made by and for citizens, just like you.

Brussels by us is enabling people to connect and collaborate on concrete solutions for the local neighbourhood. Share your opinion and become an actor of change for a more liveable future! Together, we design the public space and think of functional needs and solutions.




Download the app

Voice your opinion

Walk around in Brussels

Download the app on the Itunes Store or on the Google Play store and register.

Walk around in Brussels and visit our beacon locations.

When passing by, the app will send you a notification to answer some questions. 

The app asks your opinion about certain needs and solutions for a specific location.

Imagine and share with us what you would like to change. A new co-working space ? A new cafe or restaurant ? A new community garden ?

The choice is yours !  

Brussels by us zones cartes maps

The project

will take place in

three neighbourhoods :

the North Zone,

the Central Zone and

the Universities



Voice your opinion

And discover Brussels

With the app on your smartphone,

you will receive a notification when you pass nearby our beacon locations

The more you walk around in Brussels,

the more locations you might encounter, and the more possibilities you will have to voice your opinion.

From the North district to the little streets of the Universities District, discover Brussels and its new projects !

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 updates on the project ! 

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 Photo by Alex Vasey 

on Unsplash