Collection of opinions 

in the North zone



Collection of

opinions in the Central and Universities zones



Like every major region, the Brussels-Capital Region is brimming with both possibilities and social, financial and environmental challenges. Using Information and Communications Technology (ICT) as a lever, the region is working flat out on human, economic and environmental development. 

The impact of the Smart City project goes beyond the policy on technology, digitalisation and ICT architecture. In the Brussels-Capital Region, the Smart City philosophy …

  • Makes a positive contribution to life in the city;

  • Stimulates neighbourhoods;

  • Creates opportunities for further urban development;

  • Forges links between the general public, the private sector, academic circles and public institutions.

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Brussels by us is a citizen participation project enabling people to connect and collaborate on concrete solutions for the local neighbourhood. Whether you are a citizen, a commuter or a visitor of Brussels, share your opinion and become an actor of change for a more liveable future. Together, we design the public space and think of functional needs and solutions for three different zones: the North zone, the Central zone around the pedestrian area in the city center, and the universities zone (VUB/ULB). 

From commercial offer to urban gardening, we are interested to know your wants and needs. Walk around the three zones in the Brussels-Capital Region, receive location-specific questions from our beacons, and voice your opinion! 

You can consult the most popular opinions in the application, which will serve as input to the different initiatives and stakeholders who are involved in the project. By participating in Brussels by us, we are collaboratively creating a smarter future for the Brussels-Capital Region!

Brussels by us is a collaboration between the Brussels-Capital Region and imec. The project is running from January until December 2019. 


A beacon is a small Bluetooth radio transmitter. A Bluetooth equipped device, like your smartphone, can “detect” a beacon once it is in the range. When you approach the beacons, the Brussels by us mobile app will spot the beacon signal and will send you a notification to answer the questions about the specific location. 

The beacons of Brussels by us are small white branded boxes. It is possible that you do not always see the device at a specific location, because it is hidden or installed inside a building. 

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